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Artists pay a lot of attention and no less important – a long time – in the order of the songs on their albums. It does not matter if these are albums from 40 or 50 years ago by Pink Floyd or newer classics such as Coldplay and Adele. But then you choose an album on Spotify, click on Play – and the app starts bouncing songs randomly from song 8, song 2, 11 and 10… and sometimes it can be frustrating – for both the listener and the artist. But when this artist is Adele, one of the most successful singers in the world today, you can be sure that Spotify will not remain indifferent to her request or demand.

“Hey Spotify this is Adele, I need some little favor”

Spotify has decided to cancel the album play on Shuffle mode by default, this after Adele – who released her first album since 2015 last weekend – just picked up the phone and asked to change the existing mode. Now, any album you want to play will be played continuously.

Yesterday (Sunday) a Twitter page called Pop Crave tweeted that the shuffle power button by default disappeared after Adele's album was released. A few hours later the famous singer tweeted it again, confirming that she was the reason.

In her tweet Adele wrote that “This was the only request I ever had in the industry. We create the albums with so much thought in the way we arranged the songs. Our art tells a story, and our stories should sound the way we intended. Thanks to Spotify for listening. ”

In response to Adele's tweet, Spotify's account responded: “Everything for you”, to confirm that the move that changed the interface of the world's most popular streaming app came at the singer's request. A spokesman for the company also confirmed the move to overseas media outlets and said Adele was not the only one, and that other users and artists had sought to make the change. A statement from Spotify added that “as always, we will continue to test and improve our products and features to create the best experience for artists and listeners.”

It is important to note that the new feature is of course only relevant to those of you who pay for a paid subscription to Spotify, since in the free version of the service all album plays are on Shuffle mode by default. For those of you who still want your albums messy, there is nothing to worry about and Spotify has not completely eliminated the ability to do so. All you have to do is launch the album, go to the Now Playing panel and select Shuffle mode.