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#1 Nebula Capsule 2 

Mini projectors must be portable. The mini projectors that I have been considering are about the same size as a soda bottle. and in this area the Nebula capsule excel. It's especially convenient because most backpacks and bags can carry drink-sized items. The compartment is protected by the lens.

It also comes with its own Android operating software. Although it's Android 9, which is almost three years old at the time of writing this, you still get tons of basic functionality. You also get an app store to download apps such as Netflix and Hulu. Plus, you have the added benefit of the Google Assistant. 

#2 Vamvo L4200 Portable 3800 Lux Video Mini Projector

You’ll be watching HD movies on big screens all over the place with this mini projector. The display can reach up to 200″ in size and it’s compatible with popular devices like Fire TV and Chromecast along with video game consoles and other devices.

#3 Optoma ML750ST 

Mini projectors can be divided into two categories: “mini” and then there’s the Optima ML 750ST. This projector's photos don't really show the size of it. It can fit in your palm. It can also be used as a short-throw projector, which allows you to have the projector very close to the screen while still displaying a full-sized image. This means that you can project a 100-inch image from as little as six feet away.

With 700 ANSI lumens and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio. This machine is ideal for business as it is bright enough to use in a conference area and small enough to carry around in a bag or backpack. However, you will need to make sure that your presentation room is as dark and comfortable as possible.

The projector is also quite expensive. It's disappointing that there is no wireless connectivity. Optima even sells a dongle to fix that oversight at an extra cost. The small size combined with the high-contrast picture make this a great companion for business presentations while on the move.

#4 ViewSonic m1+

We love the ViewSonic M1 smart Projector because of its versatility and self-contained design. The projector's stand swings up to protect your lens when it is closed.  The stand can be opened to point the projector in the right direction. The clean design and built in kickstand give the projector high marks.

The downside is that the projector's maximum resolution is 480p and the keystone adjustment can be slow. The projector boasts a remarkable 120,000:1 contrast ratio. It also has a long-lasting, rechargeable battery that can last for up to six hour when it is in eco mode. There are four input options: microSD, USB C and HDMI. It can also output sound using a 3.5mm audio connector. 

#5 AAXA P7 Mini Projector

Finding a projector that is portable and easy to carry is one thing. But finding one that is well-suited for travel is another. A travel projector must be portable and can fit in a bag.  The AAXAP7 is a small cube, measuring approximately 4x4x3inches (LWH), and offering many input options given its small size. You can connect via HDMI, USB and MicroSD. This projector will work with any device you find on your travels.

The sound isn’t too loud, which is a problem for AAXA Projectors. The battery can last for 90 minutes, which is good for business presentations. However, you will need to plug it in for a feature-length film. The tripod comes with the projector, but the tripod is not very sturdy.

But you will get 30,000 hours of LED life out of the bulb and our reviewer Hayley says you'll get “picture quality similar to that of what you see in a modern HDTV…It’s bright and contains a good amount of contrast, so the colors appear vibrant.” This projector can be taken on the road with you, and you can plug it into any device you need.

#6 Best 4K: AAXA4K1 LED Home Theater Projector

4K projectors are also mini projectors. However, the AAXA 4K1 may be a bit larger than others. This 4K projector is stunning. It's smaller than a breadbox and comes with a case that can hold all cables and the remote. If you don't have much else to carry, it can fit in a backpack. The remote comes with it, but the IR port you need to aim it is slightly recessed into the body. This can sometimes make it difficult to aim.

The projector doesn't have feet or a mechanism to aim, so you will need to prop the projector up on something to aim. It's not ideal. Dual HDMI ports and USB A are available for inputs. The projector has very soft speakers so you will need to have an aux input and a headphone socket. You get crisp, 4K video at excellent sharpness. 

Keystone adjustment can be done with the remote, but it isn't very responsive. It takes a lot of adjustment to change the picture. Would love to see more course controls. You won't get a better 4K picture than you can fit in your bag.

#7 BenQ HT2050A

It's nice to use a projector for presentations and movies, but it's quite difficult to project a game onto the 300-inch projected screen. This projector has low input lag to do this. Your projector will not be able to process all the commands it is being given. The BenQ HT2050A has low latency to accommodate gamers.

It's brighter than any other projector at 2,200 lumens. This means you won't need to close the curtains when friends visit for a game session. It also has a high contrast ratio, so your drake won’t get washed. You can connect up two HDMI ports: RCA, VGA and microSD.

The projector is small but not portable. It does not come with a case. However, it can be carried in a larger bag. It doesn't come with an adapter for mounting the projector, but you can purchase one separately. This projector is a great choice if you want to take gaming to the next level.