A new laptop comes with 7 screens because why not?

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If there is one area that can barely excite in the world of technology, it is the field of laptops. Somehow, one of the main and most important tools of all of us does not inspire the manufacturers and does not make them want to excite their customers. But an unrecognized English company called Expanscape managed to create one of the strangest laptops we've seen in our lives with no less than 7 screens. And if you ask why it's good, then you're not their target audience.

The perfect laptop for multitasking?

Expanscape introduced a prototype called Aurora7 whose highlight is of course 7 screens. 4 of them are 17.3-inch screens with 4K resolution, joined by another 3 7-inch screens with a resolution of 1920 × 1200, which is in addition to a small LCD screen that should display information about the system and some speed settings that you can switch between them. Each screen can of course display its own content, so you can scatter different windows on them and switch between them easily. Expanscape claims to be the perfect laptop for DevSecOps, Data Scientists and content creators alike – but we guess any multitasker might be interested in such a quirky concept.

When closed, it looks like a kind of “James Bond bag”, and when you open it it will look like just a very thick laptop (51x34x11 cm) – but from its back you can pick up and physically pull out two more sets of screens that will eventually turn it into a monster. The screens it is (by then it will already occupy 96x6x59 cm from your desktop). According to the company, the Aurora7 opens and folds quickly to allow you to move around with it, although we are not sure you will want to do that given the fact that it weighs about 12 kilograms.

To maintain 7 screens, the Aurora7 also has two batteries, the first is an 82Wh battery (which you can also pull out and replace) and the second is 148Wh, which at this point you can not even charge for the flight (remember when there was such a thing?). If you plan to work with him outside the office, you should be prepared for a battery life of only 30 minutes to an hour. There is a price for progress.

Inside the computer will wait an Intel i9 9900K processor, up to 64GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 1060 video card. Later, the company claims, the specs include an option for AMD's Ryzen 9 3950x processor or Intel's i9-10900K and NVIDIA's RTX 2070 graphics card.

Unlike quite a few concept computers, Expanscape claims that they sell their concept computers even when they are in the prototype stage. However, the company refuses to specify the price of the prototype and requires any interested party or buyer to sign a confidentiality contract. Our guess? It will not be cheap.